Star Trails

[2004] Spirit of the West has never been short on passion, and that’s helped to solidify their fan base and keep them from the bargain bins. That their 12th set sounds like a young band with lots to prove is a testament to their, um, spirit. Tight arrangements with hooks aplenty typify this album, but the lyrics are what really make it. John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly have obviously spent lots of time with pen and paper, and while the music will make you want to dance with your honey, the lyrics will make you wonder what the point is.

Small, Small World
Waiting For Martin
Come Back Oscar
The Wedding Speech (Drink & be Married)
Out of the Boy
Be A Guy
Enough Already (Hello Cleveland)
King of Scotland
Morning in the Bath Abbey

this album is currently unavailable, we sometimes have copies with us on tour though. see the Consummate Compendium for some of the songs…