Spirit Unforgettable at VIFF, Oct 8 opening!

From the Desk of Vince Ditrich

The run-up to the Vancouver International Film Festival is turned up to Full Blower , with “Spirit Unforgettable” by Pete McCormack being showcased — and it is also in the running for #MustSeeBC Audience Award.


There will be a Gala event surrounding the showing of the film on Saturday, Oct. 8th at ‘The Centre in Vancouver’ (777 Homer Street). It’s across the street from the Public Library. All of Spirit, except Hugh McMillan, will be in attendance. Hugh will be hosting a Soldering Bee that day in Ontario. 

You can join us, and gawk with incredulity as we prance down the red carpet. Please feel free to ask Geoffrey Kelly ‘Who are you wearing’. The answer will surely be ‘Value Village’.

It seems to me a week out from the event that the theatre will be tremendously large, and it will therefore feel tremendously empty unless all of you attend. So, please do come for the show and the Q&A afterwards. And, of course, after it’s all done we’ll be hovering around the free beer, where we will be happy to shake a paw and chat.

And, finally, this is a link to the Facebook page of ‘Spirit Unforgettable’ where you can find several trailers which give a nice taste of the film. https://www.facebook.com/SpiritUnforgettable/

Thanks, and see you all there.