Season’s Greetings

Hello there dedicated fans of Spirit of the West!

We send you hearty Season’s Greetings and wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Hogmanay: To ring in 2013 we will be in London, Ontario, at Victoria Park (yes…outdoors in the freezing cold.) New Year’s Eve is a special occasion at any time, but this one heralds the kickoff of our 30th anniversary. Yes, we are 30 years old in 2013 and remarkably still have most of the parts we had on the day we rolled off the assembly line!!!! Please join us at this celebration, bring your entire family. And a nice, warm coat.

St. Patrick’s: For those of you who are on the west coast please be advised that our annual St. Paddy’s show at the mighty Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street in Vancouver is onsale now and tickets are going, we are told, very quickly. We ask you to get on the blower and buy now to avoid dissapointment later on. Fans who have been to our Commodore shows in past years understand that this is a unique event, guaranteed to leave you gobsmacked and slightly wobbly. Swap in your combat liver before that performance….

iTunes: For fans outside of Canada who have felt a rather sharp and piercing PITA when trying to lay their hands on certain titles from our catalogue via iTunes please be advised that iTunes globally (including the good ol’ USA) now have most of our work available. You want ‘Go Figure’ in Romania? No prob. ‘Save This House’ on the Cook Islands? Check. ‘Faithlift’ in Paraguay? Oh yeah. Certain titles from the depths of history are harder to come by, but many can be found in CD format only through Stony Plain Records.

The original LP that started this whole 30 year adventure (‘Spirit of the West’) is, as Hugh McMillan put it, ‘thoroughly and completely deleted’. This is to say that only two of the band members even own a copy, only 500 were ever printed, the Master tapes are nowhere to be found, John’s image on the front features a full head of hair, and if you should ever stumble across one at a used record shop it is recommended you buy it as it’s going to be worth nearly half as much as the used turntable you have to buy at the Sally Ann in order to listen to it…

Once again, the best of the season to you and yours from us and ours.

John, Geoff, Hugh, Tobin, Matthew, Higgs & Vince