Happy Canada Day!

The SotW Tee Shop …black tee front
You will see that we have our initial run of commemorative T-shirts available to Canadian purchasers in our Tee Shop.  We are most definitely ordering more shirts, with sizing gauged according to what we’re learning about our faithful Tee Shirt purchasers so please leave us a message briefly stating size interest in the form below.  Moving along from our Canada Day themed roll-out, our great friends in the US and Europe will be able to order soon. The exact date of international availability is dependent upon requisite ecommerce interfacing currently in dev.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience, but our poor overworked merch elf has advised, ‘I canna do any more, Cap’n.  The warp drives are sure to blow!’  When he descends into this Scottish fugue state we know we’ve pushed him a bridge too far.
white tee back
That said, our intention is that future batches of merch will feature additional items. Hats, photos, posters, other souvenirs? Let us know in the contact form below what you might be interested in.  Eventually we will have a full catalogue of offerings, but like any endeavour it takes time to build.

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Please tune into HBO Canada and The Movie Network starting July 1st to see the documentary by our much beloved and hyper-talented songwriter/author/director friend Pete McCormack, “Spirit Unforgettable“. [Click for HBO site details]