Fun at the Waterside, and a couple of Special Guests in Toronto…

We’re happy to be in Ontario for the next two weekends. On Saturday the 16th of June we’ll be at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, an event we’ve done a few times through the decades and one where we always seem to have fun. Here’s hoping the weather in Southern Ontario is better than the Spring we’ve suffered here on the west coast. They’re referring to this month as June-u-ary. Not far from the truth.

June 22 we’re in Ottawa for the Dragon Boat Event…Please click here to get event information.

June 23rd we’re in Toronto at the Sound Academy. Very excited about this one as it has been a little while since our last T.O. show and this time we’ll be showing off our musical guest and secret weapon, Kendel Carson.

Kendel Carson

We’ve done a number of shows with this quickly rising star over the years and we all simply adore the lass. She adds a bit of youth and beauty to the lineup to be sure, although Tobin Frank is rather stunning to look at…

Opening that same show on June 23 is Dustin Bentall, another young’un with a very bright future. He is son of our friend and colleague Barney Bentall, of course. As a child Dustin was instrumental in having one of the Spirits banished and forbidden from tucking in the Bentall kids when he crashed off his bunkbed and into the wall dozens of times at Geoff Kelly’s mischievous urging.

Dustin Bentall

This show will be not only fun, but a very rare chance to see this blend of characters all on the same stage. We hope you will join us.