The BAnd

Vince Ditrich

Drums, Percussion, Vocals.



Well known for his comedic onstage antics, Vince has appeared in concert and in the studio with artists the likes of Sue Medley, Long John Baldry, Doug & the Slugs, Great Big Sea, Oscar Lopez, James Keelaghan, Mae Moore, and many others. (He is currently combing his CV for reference to ANY artist from the 21 century). He has been the bands manager since around the beginning of the century. He recorded a solo CD called Supertonic in 2001. Artist Management has taught him to type with his thumbs as effectively as a teen. He coordinates all refreshments for the band and has been known to instigate outrageous hotel upgrades. Currently operating Vince Ditrich Presents and involved with WeGo tours, Vince continues to be providing fine concert and travel experiences for the discerning among us.