2021. We certainly hope for everyone to be navigating these tortuous times in health and wellness in all ways, to be finding all that is needed to stay safe and get to where they need to get to.

SotW the band continues to be in deep retreat following John Mann’s passing in 2019. Individually we are busy with the adjustments and efforts needed during these intense times of global transition. Writing, recording, landscaping, tidying, re-inventing, learning, unlearning, relearning…

We remain deeply grateful to our fans’ support and enthusiasm for our music and mission.

Looking forward, we are in the midst of assessing what it is that SotW.ca needs to be, how the website can be of service to the SotW community and sustain itself as our primary online presence. Any ideas, wishes, suggestions are welcome. Please avail yourself freely of the contact form on our contact page.

A thousand thank you’s.